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Funded by direct member investment, rather than investment from third-party shareholders, co-operative members "decide on the values of the enterprise, which don’t necessarily need to be about the maximization of profits." Cooperatives succeed when values are aligned around communal benefit to pooling resources and a shared desire to "avoid anti- competitive or extractive behavior." Co-operatives offer a way for people to be rewarded for their labour while committing to shared social values.

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[…] co-ops formalized the ancestral practice of commoning into applicable legal structures offering islands of resistance in capitalist markets.

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You can start thinking about co-ops as places where people can start developing the skills they need under socialism.

What a Socialist Society Could Actually Look Like

1 Are they a challenge to capitalism?

…if cooperatives are islands in a sea of capitalism, we need better catamarans, bridges, and data lines to connect them to each other and to other transformative economies.

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2 Worker cooperatives

Worker cooperatives are a real utopia that emerged alongside the development of capitalism. Three important emancipatory ideals are equality, democracy, and solidarity. All of these are obstructed in capitalist firms, where power is concentrated in the hands of owners and their surrogates, internal resources and opportunities are distributed in a grossly unequal manner, and competition continually undermines solidarity.

How to Be an Anticapitalist Today , Erik Olin Wright

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In a worker-owned cooperative, all of the assets of the firms are jointly owned by the employees themselves, who also govern the firm in a one-person-one-vote, democratic manner. In a small cooperative, this democratic governance can be organized in the form of general assemblies of all members; in larger cooperatives the workers elect boards of directors to oversee the firm.

They may also embody more capitalistic features: they may, for example, hire temporary workers or be inhospitable to potential members of particular ethnic or racial groups. Cooperatives, therefore, often embody quite contradictory values.

How to Be an Anticapitalist Today , Erik Olin Wright

3 Open cooperativism

Beyond critiques of the Silicon Valley-style “sharing economy”, Open Cooperativism questions the dominance of capital in the free and open source software economy, and suggests P2P-empowered digital solutions in order to lower the transactional costs of networked cooperative production. As a corollary to issues of democratic ownership and governance raised by Platform Cooperativism, Open Cooperativism asks a straight question: “What do we want to produce?”

From Platform to Open Cooperativism - Commons Transition

4 Open-value cooperatives

An extension of open cooperatives by DisCO.

Open-value cooperatives apply the logic of feminist economists like Marilyn Waring, to account for the care work vital to human prosperity and survival. They also acknowledge the value of intersectional approaches, currently ignored through the misleading narratives of our harmful economic systems.

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5 Distributed Cooperative Organisations

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