Connecting Zotero to koreader


I've been reading more academic papers of late in addition to online essays. And storing them in Zotero rather than Wallabag (where I save the online essays). Now I want to read them on my kobo. So trying to hook up Zotero in a similar-ish way to how Wallabag is hooked up.

Came across this:

Which references this:

Following the instructions there:

  • Connected my kobo to laptop and created a Zotero folder in its root.
  • Copied storage and zotero.sqlite from my local Zotero folder to the folder on the Kobo.
  • Make a folder on kobo: mkdir .adds/koreader/plugins/zotero.koplugin
  • Download the files from (I did it as a zip file) and copy them to the folder on the kobo.
  • Eject the kobo, let koreader restart.
  • Go to Search > Zotero > Settings and set the folder to the Zotero folder we copied the storage and sqlite to.
  • Go to Search > Zotero > Browse database.
  • Browse your PDFs!

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