completion at point of roam links not working


After updating spacemacs and packages from Melpa, completion at point for org-roam titles just stopped working.

See: Using fuzzy links AKA wikilinks in org-roam for info on how I originally set it up.

It's using key-chord-mode.

I guess first check is that still working.

key-chord part is working. But completion is not.

Directly running M-x completion-at-point doesn't work either.

I have company-backends including company-capf, so what's the issue?

If I add in company-dabbrev, for example, then completion at point is working fine. So something with capf is not working with org-roam.

If I do org-roam-node-insert or org-roam-node-find, the completion list comes up OK. So org-roam seems to be aware of the list of nodes seems fine.

Also trying to see when we get anything with org-roam-completion-everywhere… Nope, also not working.

Describing company-backends variable:

Its value is (company-capf)

Describing company-backends variable:

Its value is (org-roam-complete-link-at-point org-roam-complete-everywhere)

So it all looks fine in term of config.

If I turn on toggle-debug-on-error, no debug is entered into when running completion at point.

Bit stuck with this now. Will have to come back.

  • [2023-08-13 Sun] For some reason, adding (org-roam-db-auto-sync-enable) in to my startup file seems to have resolved this. Doesn't really make sense? But hey ho, it's working again.

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