Commons P2P wiki requirements


A list of things required for decentralised wikis that combine together in a knowledge commons.

1. Features

Not sure I agree with all of these.

1.1. Automatic back-links

Could be provided by webmentions.

1.2. Semantic links

Interesting. Links to be given semantics. rel attributes perhaps?

1.3. Separation of page content from page metadata

Microformats could be an approach to this.

1.4. Make categories to just be pages

Not really a feature of interlinking.

1.5. There are a small number of page classes / types

Predefining types of things some in tension with bottom up wiki developement.

1.6. Access control

1.7. Edit history and reversion

1.8. Viewing history

1.9. Graphical rendering of the page graph

1.10. Easy attribution tracking

1.11. Effective search, maybe semantic

1.12. Drag and drop from other pages

1.13. Fine-grained related change indications

1.14. Basic web compatibility

1.15. Commenting and suggesting

2. Elsewhere

2.1. In my garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

2.3. Mentions

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