Building orgzly


1 Why?

It's not had a release for nearly a year, but a bunch of features have been added in that I'd like. Specifically that of relative paths working as they do in Emacs, so that they work across both. Also webdav sync could be handy.

2 Building

cd Code/
git clone
cd orgzly-android/
./gradlew build

> SDK location not found. Define location with an ANDROIDSDKROOT environment variable or by setting the sdk.dir path in your project's local properties file at '/home/neil/Code/orgzly-android/'. Download command line tools only.

 mkdir ~/android
 mv cmdline-tools/ ~/android
 cd android/cmdline-tools
mkdir latest
mv latest/ cmdline-tools/
cd Code/orgzly-android/
./gradlew build
ANDROID_SDK_ROOT=/home/neil/android/ ./gradlew build
scp app/build/outputs/apk/fdroid/release/app-fdroid-release-unsigned.apk dloop:
scp app/build/outputs/apk/fdroid/debug/app-fdroid-debug.apk dloop:

New settings:

  • Root for absolute links (e.g. file:/readme.txt)
  • Root for relative links (e.g. file:readme.txt)

    Files now open properly! I open them either in orgro, or images open in the file manager.

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