Algorithmic bias and racism


One big problem being that we have a tendency to trust the decision made by a computer. But we have to really aware of the biases in these systems. Part of this bias is part of the bigger problem endemic in the tech industry - that's it's overrepresented by white men who have a very limited world view and a particular set of biases. The system is often going to be made in the image of its creator.

1 Facial recognition

How white engineers built racist code – and why it's dangerous for black people

Recent studies by M.I.T. and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, have found that while the technology works relatively well on white men, the results are less accurate for other demographics, in part because of a lack of diversity in the images used to develop the underlying databases.

Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm

2 Search engines

3 Translation

4 Cultural references

5 Elsewhere in the garden

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An exhibition at the Barbican. Really good. Visually very powerful, also thought-provoking with regard to algorithmic bias.

Suffers from algorithmic bias, as highlighted in From Apple to Anomaly.

Rather than contracting profiteering disaster capitalists to roll out technologies of dubious efficacy and inherent racial biases, it would be better to invest in reforms that build social safety nets and reduce structural inequality.


Algorithmic bias and racism.

Technologies in this field, much like the humans that create them, invariably have biases and inaccuracies, and these biases and inaccuracies disproportionately impact historically marginalized groups.

Big Tech Won’t Save Us: The Case for Social Transformation over Coronavirus Surveillance

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