Adding a list of nodes in my garden that are well-connected


Gordon Brander has a list of well-connected nodes in his pattern library.

I like the idea. Statistics relating to links and connections feels more in line with a relational ontology than just having counts of nodes, etc.

So I've added a page that lists the top 40 nodes in my garden by number of backlinks.

It's on the Well-connected page.

The source below is executed inline on that page when it's published. It builds a SQL query to run against the org-roam DB, then formats the results.

(let* ((sql [:select [title dest (funcall count :distinct source)]
                 :from links
                 :inner :join nodes
                 :on (= links:dest nodes:id)
                 :where (= type "id")
                 :group :by dest
                 :order-by [(desc (funcall count :distinct source))]
                 :limit 40])
         (links (org-roam-db-query sql)))
    (cl-loop for link in links
             collect (pcase-let ((`(,title ,dest ,count) link))
                       (format "- %s ← %d.\n" (org-link-make-string (concat "id:" dest) title) count))))

The query counts how many nodes are linking to a particular node, rather than how many total backlinks. So node B could have multiple quotes in it that link to node A, but that only counts as one connection between A and B in the counts here.

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