Peer-to-Peer Agile Project Management For Software Teams

Acorn is an open-source, peer-to-peer project management application. It is designed and built as a scrum-alternative, Agile Development Pattern for distributed software development teams.

1. Testing Acorn

  • join a project, put in the five word code

  • Luckily, Flancian was online so I didn't have to wait :)
  • I can see the issues that Flancian has created. I've commented on one - wonder if he sees it.
  • Immediate initial thought is that there is a need for async chat, that comments probably won't cut it for. So you'd still need to discuss matters in e.g. Element.
    • looks like you can't @ people.
  • Also I don't think you can edit comments.
  • I wonder where is the data stored on my machine?
  • You don't seem to be able to remove children. A bit annoying as I want to amend the structure.

2. Elsewhere

2.1. In my garden

2.2. In the Agora

2.3. Mentions

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