2022 Week 17 Summary


Don't seem to have journalled much in the garden this week.

I think partly I've gotten a little distracted by the stream.

There has been a new wave of Mastodon users and usage thanks to the possibility of Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter.

Which is cool, and meant I've been a bit more active there. Feels like the new people brings a new diversity of content. Less niche stuff in a way.

But also I still think stream-y microblogging is not the social media of choice for me. Or maybe just one component of it. Great for networking and connecting, but (for me) a bit too much of a time sink and not good for deep engagement.

Keeping up to date with local activities, but annoyed by how it's all on Twitter and Facebook. Thinking about some kind of Municipalist social media.

Had a go with the telescope.

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