Updating to org-roam 1.2.2


org-roam 1.2.2 was released 19 days ago. I'm updating to it.

1 Get the new package

First off I do a blanket update of packages in spacemacs with SPC f U. (Is there a way to update just one package?) Then I restart Emacs to do the installs proper.

As part of that, org-roam does a db update.

(org-roam) Processed 1/1019 modified files… …. (org-roam) Processed 1017/1019 modified files… (org-roam) Processed 1018/1019 modified files… (org-roam) total: Δ1019, files-modified: Δ1019, ids: Δ0, links: Δ4221, tags: Δ4, titles: Δ1056, refs: Δ6, deleted: Δ0

On restart, I'm sure my theme looks different… yeah, there's a message "error: (error Unable to find theme file for ‘doom-one’)" Hmm. Dunno. I seem to be able to load it regardless though. Will come back to that.

2 Fuzzy links

So anyway, org-roam. The main new feature seems to be the addition of 'fuzzy links'.

My notes on setting it up here: Using fuzzy links AKA wikilinks in org-roam.

2.1 Completion algorithm

I find the completion algorithm a little weird though. It seems to favour fuzzy matches over partial words. Hey ho, just another thing to configure I guess…

So it turns out that's from a previous config change I needed to make for when spacemacs helm-completion that wasn't working.

I had

(setq completion-styles '(helm-flex))

as per this issue. So the completion-styles setting also affects company. Hence my weird completions. But that issue has now been resolved upstream, so I can remove it, and the company completions work again.

First I guess I need to update spacemacs though, so I get that update to the helm layer.

OK. When I do that, nothing in org-roam works. There's a message at startup:

Warning: More than one init function found for package org-roam. Previous owner was org, replacing it with layer org-roam

Some info on that here: Spacemacs: More than one init function found for package org-roam - Troublesh….

I fixed that by changing my include of org-roam layer like so:

  ; before
  ; after
    (org :variables
         org-enable-roam-support t)

OK. The helm completion thing works now, without needing that old config workaround. And company-at-point matches nicely on my roam note titles.

2.2 Setting the company-mode backend

So back to my problem that I had before of turning off company-mode for my writing mode. I guess rather than turning it off, I should remove the particular backend.

Actually for now, I'm copping out and just setting the specific backend. Might need to come back to this I guess.

(defun ngm-journal-mode ()
  "Set up journalling mode the way that I like it"
  ; ...
  (setq company-backends '(company-capf)) ; for org-roam completion

2.3 Company overlay

My company overlay looks a mess, probably because of something I do in ngm-journal-mode. Oh well - going to leave that one for now.

3 org-roam.db

The other thing I need to check is something about the default location of org-roam.db moving to your user dir. I have a private wiki and a public one, so I wonder if this will cause a clash somehow. I think I'm setting it in one of them with .dir-locals.el, so should be OK.

4 Elsewhere in the garden

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