Installing LineageOS on Samsung Galaxy S5


1 Why?

Getting long in the tooth now, stuck on Android 6. Couldn't install Termux!

2 Back stuff up

3 adb

Need to get adb installed on to my laptop first. I might have it already, but probably best to get the latest.

4 Lineage

Then download and install Lineage.

  • Install heimdall
  • Test heimdall
    • need to switch to root to access /dev/usb
  • install recovery
    • just go with the lineage one.
    • When the status message in the top left of the devices’s display reports that the process is complete, you may proceed.
      • this never happened, but everything was OK.
  • install lineage from recovery
  • install gapps from recovery
  • noticed interesting 'Set Warranty Bit: recovery' and 'Set Warranty Bit: kernel' when booting

5 Google Apps

I need these on my phone sadly. Do this at the same time as Lineage, pretty much.

6 Post install setup

  • why do I have to format my SD card? that's annoying.
  • install fdroid
  • install fennec
  • install open launcher
  • install ameixa
  • install wpgen, set background to black
  • install syncthing
  • sync org folder
  • install orgzly
  • install keepassdx
  • install antennapod, import opml
  • install tusky
  • install indigenous
  • install element

    things i forgot to backup

    • orgzly searches
    • openlauncher settings
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