My information strategy


information strategy

I find most content to read via the big stream.

1 Social reader / big stream

The big stream is basically a bunch of people that I follow.

I don't use Twitter for my reader. I use a social reader for this. I follow people on their personal websites, or on Twitter, and read all these posts in the reader.

I wrote a bit more about how I organise feeds in my reader here.

2 Replying / storing

Usually what I see in the big stream are either ideas from someone that I might want to write a reply to, or a link to an article I might want to read later. I save articles in to Wallabag. A short reply I'll write there and then, a longer one I will probably save the post into my note-taking app.

3 Note-taking

My fleeting notes I take with either org-capture or orgzly, depending where I am. With my literature notes I write in org-mode and try to do the progressive summarisation approach. Permanent notes I use org-roam.

4 Elsewhere in the garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

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