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In French, "cultiver son jardin intérieur" means to tend to your internal garden—to take care of your mind.

Essentially about personal knowledge management. Heard about it from Anne-Laure (did she also come up with the term?). Commonly manifested in a digital garden.

taking care of your mind involves cultivating your curiosity (the seeds), growing your knowledge (the trees), and producing new thoughts (the fruits).

You and your mind garden - Ness Labs

I like this alternative way of thinking about seek, sense, share.

each day tending to your “mind garden” is different: discovering a new learning strategy, having a eureka moment, connecting the dots between two authors, getting involved in a lively conversation with an expert

You and your mind garden - Ness Labs

When consuming content, grow branches on your knowledge tree by taking notes.

You and your mind garden - Ness Labs

Over time, you will find yourself going back to certain corners of your mind garden more often than others, and that’s alright.

You and your mind garden - Ness Labs

You will see parts of your interests form and coalesce.

When you find some of these new combinations particularly interesting, share the seeds with fellow gardeners. Leverage the knowledge of fellow explorers.

You and your mind garden - Ness Labs

Network learning.

Your note-taking app, such as Roam or one of its open source alternatives for instance, can be used for collating snippets, ideas, and raw thinking. Use it to seed your garden and connect the dots.

You and your mind garden - Ness Labs

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