wiki links are my tags


For a brief period, I made a concerted effort to tag and categorise my posts. It seemed like a means of picking out themes in my writing, maybe discovery for me and perhaps also for people visiting my site.

But it always felt a bit weird and disconnected for me - I've written something, now I have to think about where it fits in to some abstract notion of my content. And it's not fun. It's just a thing that sits there staring at you in WordPress when you make a post. Hey you, eat your greens, and tag your posts. (If you don't give it a category, you get the 'Uncategorized' label of shame). So I kind of gave up on it again.

But as I've started heavily hyperlinking stream posts to my wiki, I've realised that pretty much my wiki links are my tags. I'm just tagging as I'm linking things together. And that's fun! (for me anyway…).


I've styled the wiki links diferent from other hyperlinks. I quite like it personally, but part of me wonders if it's just visual noise. I'd quite like if I could get WordPress to pick up those links and set them as tags, mainly just as a easy way to have them separate from the main body of the post.

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