Publishing your org-roam wiki map to the web: technical details

  • org-roam-graph–dot is where the url of the nodes is being set.
  • it's hard coded to be a local file with roam-protocol at the moment
  • just need to override that
  • it uses the org file path
  • so would need to make use of the publish filepath
  • dunno how to do that in an abstracted way
  • do some good old clone and own for now
  • [X] first pass - just get it to run on publish, don't worry about urls
    • use org-roam-graph–build
      • without an arg, it'll build the full thing
  • [X] next pass: with web-based urls
  • next pass: break it into smaller images, per file
  • next pass:
  • make it more visually appealing and navigable (perhaps by publishing just the .dot file and using something like dagre-d3 to visualise it)
  • break it up into a map per page, so you get a local map, too. To be seen whether this is a useful sensemaking aid or not. Maybe it would just be another useful navigational aid. (by making use of org-roam's function for publishing a graph just for the current page)

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