Linux day to day notes


1 Disk usage

1.1 Chromium disk usage

I just noticed that Chromium (which I very rarely use) was taking up 1.3GB of space in my .config folder.

Here's how to clean that up: disk usage - Why does Chromium take up 1 GB in my .config and can I reduce th…

Odd that it was taking up so much space, given that my daily driver is Firefox.

1.2 Composer disk usage

composer clearcache

2 Sorting by file size

I keep on running low on space. Disk Usage Analyzer is OK, but for the command line:

du -hs * | sort -h

The -h in both commands is for 'human readable'.

3 Trimming a video from my phone so I can upload it up to Signal

Signal has a 100M upload limit. Plus it'd take ages to upload.

This does the job pretty simply, still good enough quality for sending as a message and reduces the filesize massively:

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vf "scale=iw/2:ih/2" half_the_frame_size.mkv

4 Shrinking images off my phone for web upload

Quick command to shrink images from my camera for uploading to the web.

mogrify -auto-orient -resize 25% *.jpg

5 Finding out which security updates need installing on a server

sudo unattended-upgrade -v --dry-run

6 Killing a process tree

I seem to need to be doing this more lately on php artisan serve.

Appears to be lots of ways of doing it:

All falling in to the category of

pkill one works OK for me:

ps x | grep 8000
# gives me some process ids, pick the one at the top
pkill -TERM -P <pid>

7 ls love

Sort by modified time, in reverse:

ls -ltr
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