Project ideas


1 Project Idea: personal microtasking

  • using e.g. pybossa to define little tasks that you need to do
  • in my case, categorising todos or whatever, little stuff like that
  • kind of a way of learning pybossa
  • examples: tagging my notes on
  • examples: tagging my todo items in org-mode
  • in a way, it's kind of a digital personal assistant, bringing things to your attention that need doing

2 Project Idea: Featurepedia

2.1 For each feature, we can recommend software that might fulfil that feature

  • going for the unix philosophy approach
  • could even go wild and try and have a system that automatically suggest heath robinson setup based on your feature selection

2.2 My indieware idea could even use feature models/selections   featurepedia

  • for a way for users to select the things they actually care about

2.3 In a similar way to how RMS built alternatives to Unix software, same for modern web software. Also coincidentally following principle of Unix philosophy   featurepedia

2.4 Indiewarify mendeley   featurepedia

Good be a good case study of the process. Repeat of org mode. But based on the principles I outline for orgmode.

2.5 Indieware could tie into bdd side of things, like a distributed attempt to document festures of popular systems then used as a framework to create alternatives   featurepedia

2.6 Jugaad soft wiki

2.6.1 A decentralised one?

2.7 Text is ultimate backwards and forwards compatible format (with some structure)

2.8 Principles over concrete apps

3 Project Idea:Ideas bank thing, share ideas, see if others will implement

3.1 How to guarantee work on open source projects, i mean guarantee dedicated hours for agile sprints, maybe could help somehow

  • perhaps cabbage tree method could help with this also

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