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1. Getting API access set up

If you're using the hosted version, the API endpoint for oauth is this:


OK, so now I have the access token and refresh token.

What do I need to do with these?

The access token is my bearer token. OK, cool.

 access_token = xxx

refresh_token = xxx

OK, a very hacky first attempt at this would be to chuck in a class into the syndication links plugin, with everything hardcoded in it.

How can I register the plugin? Or do I need to expose an endpoint?

Next step would be to do this in a custom plugin or something custom file in my theme, still with access tokens hardcoded.

The next step after that would be to have the custom plugin do the authentication as a client to Wallabag. Does everyone need to have it as their own client? I guess so?

So I need to just pass the URL. Ahhh. OK. Will syndication links provide that information? Well you can get the post in there, so I guess you can pull it out.

OK - bigger thought. To move this up the stack and make it possible for more people, it could make sense to add it as something for Bridgy to translate via webmentions. But let's start here for now.

Should I also include a syndication link to wallabag? I mean it shouldn't really be public, right?

Actually, is this the right way to do it? Am I really syndicating my post?

you have to refresh constantly…

to get a refresh token: http POST https://app.wallabag.it/oauth/v2/token granttype=refreshtoken clientid=xxx clientsecret=xxx refreshtoken=xxx

2. Elsewhere

2.2. In the Agora

2.3. Mentions

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