1 Treaty of Rome

1.1 Established European economic community

2 Right to save decades of hard won benefits

2.1 Environmental protections

2.2 Workers rights

2.3 Free movement

3 Hard brexit is bad

3.1 Ukip inspired

3.2 Bad for economy

3.2.1 Tax cuts to corporation tax

3.2.2 Trade

3.2.3 Single market

3.3 Bad for society

3.3.1 immigration curbs Friends, family, partners Eu nationals being used as bargaining chips

4 Eu has problems

4.1 But also a lot of good legislation

4.2 Better to stay in and make it work

4.3 Things will be worse after great repeal bill

4.4 Should be part of a global community

4.4.1 Why is freedom of movement good?

5 Elsewhere in the garden

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