Rise of the Robots



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1 Rise of the robots

1.1 History

1.1.1 Hephaestus Blacksmith to the Greek Gods

1.1.2 Mechanical Turk

1.2 Present

1.2.1 Terminator

1.2.2 Meta physical grey area

1.2.3 Overtly robot?

1.2.4 Robots made in our image

1.2.5 Comical servant class Robots are muscle, workers

1.2.6 Asimov laws deliberately ambiguous To allow fiction But proper understanding can stop robot misdemeanors

1.2.7 Robot rights? Human rights still recent invention…

1.3 Future

1.3.1 Contrast between intelligence and consciousness Artificial intelligence here already Artificial consciousness not yet

1.4 Conclusion

1.4.1 Fear and wonder Want them to be our slaves but tremble at their powers Design them to do our work but worry they'll take our jobs

2 Different degrees of humanness

3 New s reader robot - blinks

4 Obey

5 Dream

6 Build

7 Human body

8 Imagine

9 Elsewhere in the garden

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