• Practice your personal Kaizen



2 GTD and org, my process

2.1 working on a task

  • REFILE it to the appropriate location (why this first?)
  • NARROW the current task so I'm feeling focused on it
  • ask myself, WHY is this task/project even here? What goal does it fit into?
  • DO IT if it's doable
  • if it's a PROJECT
    • TAG it if it makes sense
    • give it a PRIORITY
    • Give it a sensible DEADLINE (and probably remove the SCHEDULED date for the overall project
    • BREAK it down into subtasks
      • do this with some freeform journalling
      • if nothing else, make sure there is a NEXT ACTION
      • ESTIMATE how long each task will take

3 Misc

4 Elsewhere in the garden

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