Titles for things


Titles for things if I ever need to title something (songs, books, maybe).

  • Beyond Fields. Backstory: it's a place name in the Lake District.
  • Buzzard from above. Backstory: I saw a buzzard from above when hiking to Swirl How and it was great.
  • Morecambe Meat Machine. Backstory: it was on the side of a butcher's van in Morecambe.
  • If you lived here you'd be nearly home. Saw it on a sign somewhere for some shitty newbuild skyrise of flats.
  • Black bamboo. I like bamboo.
  • The Bee and the Buddleia. Saw a bee on a buddleia at a time I was feeling particularly happy in the Lakes.
  • Dual Power (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_power)
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