Platform coops

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Platform Cooperatives.

Platform co-operatives adopt the democratic ownership and governance structure of workers' co-operatives and utilise a digital platform for the sale of goods or services.

Platform cooperatives are an alternative to venture capital-funded and centralized platforms, putting stakeholders before shareholders.

Platform Cooperativism Consortium

Platform co-ops are based on principles including:

  • Broad-based ownership of the platform, in which workers control the technological features, production processes, algorithms, data, and job structures of the online platform;
  • Democratic governance, in which all stakeholders who own the platform collectively govern the platform;
  • Co-design of the platform, in which all stakeholders are included in the design and creation of the platform ensuring that software grows out of their needs, capacities, and aspirations;
  • An aspiration to open source development and open data, in which new platform co-ops can lay the algorithmic foundations for other co-ops.

Platform Cooperativism Consortium

Platform cooperatives are businesses that use a website, mobile app, or protocol to sell goods or services. 📱 They rely on democratic decision-making and shared ownership of the platform by workers and users.👥

Preston Cooperative Development Network

  • offer a near-future, alternative to platform capitalism based on cooperative principles such as democratic ownership and governance.
  • introduce economic fairness, training, and democratic participation in the running of online businesses.
  • give stakeholders a say in what happens on the platforms.

    Preston Cooperative Development Network

Platform co-ops must be founded with a deep commitment to social justice which should be considered in all processes of institutional design and governance practices

Platform socialism

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