1 Tech

1.1 Software engineering


1.1.1 Concepts

Skill Experience points Notes
Behaviour-driven development    
Test-driven development    

1.2 Coding

I used to code a lot, as it used to be my dayjob. But I code less at work since 2017, and do the odd bits here and there both at work and in my spare time.

1.2.1 Languages

Skill Experience points Notes
PHP 50 Work with it semi-regularly, but not day in day out.
Python 45 Any glue scripts I'll use Python for them, but only semi-regularly.
C# 35 I used to write a lot of C#, but not since 2017, so would be fairly rusty now.
Lisp 20 Learning this on and off in my spare time.

1.2.2 Frameworks

Skill Experience points Notes

1.2.3 Tools

Skill Experience points Notes
Emacs / spacemacs 70  
Git 70 I use git a lot.
Vim 60  
Visual Studio 40  

1.3 IT/SysAdmin

Skill Experience points Notes
Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP server maintenance 75  
Shell scripting 55 Know my way around a terminal, but don't write a ton of scripts.
DNS configuration 70  
Nginx 45  
Let's Encrypt / Certbot 50  
Backup and disaster recovery 60  
SMTP and email deliverability 50  
Configuration management / infrastructure as code 30 Toyed with Ansible a bit
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