1 Definition

1.1 Neoliberalism is an attack on our ability to build common spaces

2 Donald Trump apotheosis of Neoliberalism

Failed business man running country, dismantling state and making money from it

3 Modus operandi

3.1 Neoliberalism ring fences common foods for profits

3.2 Gives a fiction of choice when it has privatised essentials

3.3 Individualism

4 Criticisms

4.1 Atomization and individualism seems stupidly inefficient

4.2 Against individualism: if there's meaning in life it's in our relationships

4.3 Self help can be a very individualistic pursuit sometimes

5 Inconsistencies

5.1 Neoliberalism relies heavily on a strong state to push trade agreements

5.2 Neoliberalism makes massive use of public infrastructure

5.3 Neoliberalism is not really a free market - it's a rigged market

6 Resources

6.1 George Monbiot: "Neoliberalism: the ideology at the root of all our problems"

6.2 Radio Open Source: "Welcome to our neoliberal world"

6.3 Weekly Economics Podcast: "Beginner's Guide to Neoliberalism"

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