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One thing I liked is how it shows that when we grow up in a particular system, our minds can become attuned to that way of thinking, to the extent that it becomes very difficult to imagine a different system. There’s a few occasions in the book where Shevek and friends struggle to comprehend the behaviour of the capitalist system on A-Io. As children they are quite bemused (and their teacher quite disgusted) by the concept of prisons and emprisonment. I found this fascinating. I think I’m on the liberal side of things, and think that prison should be rehabilitation not punishment, etc, but the idea of no prisons at all was certainly outside of my bubble. I intuitively resisted, ‘but surely there has to be some way of dealing with those who transgress’. As a product of the current system I’m entrenched in it. It’s fascinating to be presented with completely different alternatives.

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