Aurora Rising


– Alistair Reynolds

The precursor to Elysium Fire. I liked this one too. Easy to read, keeps you turning the pages, not too taxing. The kind of book that is perfect for me for reading to help me sleep. I mean that in a positive way. Something I look forward to reading and helps me unwind.

This one explored a bit more some of the idea of the Glitter Band and its varied habitats. Some of them exploring extreme views or lifestyles. I think that's a good idea in the books, but it isn't really explored that much. Maybe that's fine, in that it serves as an intriguing backdrop to the thriller/detective style plot, and it's not a dense exposition of political theories.

For some reason I found the main characters a bit less likeable in this one, even though they're the same set as in Elysium Fire. They felt a bit… sarcastic, righteous, full-of-themselves at times. Also there's not so much in the way of ambiguity. You know exactly who the goodies and the baddies are.

I like the idea of the 100 million wide constant participatory democracy that takes place. Another very interesting idea. Left to your imagine somewhat again, but really interesting.

Finished: November 2019.

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