Red Mars

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– Kim Stanley Robinson

I kind of liked it but not to the degree I thought I might from the hype I'd read. It didn't knock my socks off like say The Dispossessed did. Could have gone for more politics, less description of Martian geology.

There was a bit of politics I guess. Imperialism, colonialism, capitalism and extraction. Arkady and his rebellion. I guess it just didn't draw me in that much, narratively. Also some discusison of whether they should or shouldn't change Mars' geology. I found that a bit less interesting.

Someone online told me that the next two in the trilogy get a bit more into the politics of it. I think I also recall that they said Robinson was a bit centrist, so the politics never get totally radical. But I've got a few articles somewhere saying that he has socialist politics and that you should read him. So. I think I'll continue with the trilogy.

Finished: August 2019 sometime.

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