Bullshit jobs

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Bullshit jobs… creation of meaningless bureaucratic jobs to fulfil capitalism.

c.f. strikes of garbage workers vs strikes of bankers and which one causes the most disruption.

Reading about who still needs to show up for work in times of pandemic, reminds of @davidgraeber & Bullshit Jobs. We are experiencing how our societies would collapse if the nurses, waste collectors & teachers stopped showing up for work


We place capitalism in quarantine only to discover:

  • The paramount importance of all maintenance work: transport, logistics, cleaning, health work, etc.
  • The radical uselessness of financiers, consultants & vultures
  • The absolute centrality of informal/family/support networks


We no longer live. We aspire. We work to get richer. Paradoxically, we find ourselves working in order to have a “vacation.” We can’t seem to actually live without working. Capitalism has thus completely occupied social life.

An Illustrated Guide to Guy Debord's 'The Society of the Spectacle'

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