Neil's Noodlemaps


1 Digital parties

2 European Union

  • regulation vs directive
    • 'regulation': means that it will be a legal act and enforceable in its entirety across all member states (e.g. GDPR)

, - 'directive': allows each member state to introduce its own mechanisms for the law provided they match the spirit of the original directive

3 Labour policies

  • Green New Deal with 2030 net zero target
    • this sets the paces of it - it means you have to start doing radical things now
    • you have to start talking about economic transition
    • it changes the frame of all other policies as well
    • some of the big unions are on board
    • syndicalist approach part of it - industrial revolution from below, what does it look like for towns and cities?
  • 4 day working week
  • public ownership of pharmaceutical research

4 Regional politics and the politics and the North-West of England

5 Labour movement

6 Rojava

7 Syndicalism

8 Commons

9 History

10 Capitalism

11 Revolutionary socialism

11.1 Anarchism

11.2 Marxism

12 Organising

13 Social and Solidarity economy

14 Socialist Chile

15 Prefiguration

  • Means and ends
  • Prefiguration alone makes you a pocket in isolation, just or doing charity work. It needs some structure and greater organising to go with.
  • But just structure and planning without prefiguration means you lose sight of where you're going.

16 Paris Commune

17 Solidarity

18 Global politics

19 Cooperatives

20 General Election 2019

21 Backlinks

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