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Commonalities between right to repair and the IndieWeb

I feel like there's quite a lot of overlaps between the two. Both in terms of goals and how we operate. It might be a bit of a tenuous link in some places… but fun to think about.

I remember Nicole from Mozilla saying to Tantek at MozFest 2019, at our Restart stall - "hey Tantek check this out, it's like IndieWeb but for your stuff!"

1 Goals

To be able to fix your own stuff is a bit like being able to own your own data. Access to spare parts, repair guides, is maybe like having access to APIs of the big silos.

2 Organisation

  • Local groups that help people fix / build their sites.
  • National(ish) meetups roughly yearly.
  • A regular 'summit'.

3 Backlinks

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