Find some more info in My Spacemacs User Config.

See also org-mode and GTD.

1. Publishing a knowledge base with org-mode

This personal wiki is written in org-mode style plain text and exported to HTML.

2. org-download

Oh man. Just discovered org-download. So useful!

Works best with 'import %s' to my mind. gnome-screenshot blocks the window, whereas with import I can still tab around and select which window to capture and all that.

3. org-super-agenda

I use this to get a better layout in org-agenda.

4. org-agenda

Dang, the marking and performing actions of multiple items in the agenda is super useful. Especially to think you can write your own arbitrary function to run, too.

5. PDF Tools

I added this via the pdf layer from spacemacs. It's handy for sure.

6. Elsewhere

6.2. In the Agora

6.3. Mentions

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