Find some more info in My Spacemacs User Config.

See also org-mode and GTD.

1 Publishing a knowledge base with org-mode

This personal wiki is written in org-mode style plain text and exported to HTML.

2 org-download

Oh man. Just discovered org-download. So useful!

Works best with 'import %s' to my mind. gnome-screenshot blocks the window, whereas with import I can still tab around and select which window to capture and all that.

3 org-super-agenda

I use this to get a better layout in org-agenda.

4 org-agenda

Dang, the marking and performing actions of multiple items in the agenda is super useful. Especially to think you can write your own arbitrary function to run, too.

5 PDF Tools

I added this via the pdf layer from spacemacs. It's handy for sure.

6 Elsewhere

6.2 In the Agora

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