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The availability of repair info is going to be critical for riding out a long-term crisis, both in terms of increasing the longevity of devices & minimizing the amount of travel that "approved technicians" need to make. Give people the resources they need to make repairs locally.

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2 Right to Repair in the UK

If the UK would like to exceed the EU measures, the way forward is clear: the UK could easily adopt European Right to Repair measures and extend access to spare parts and repair information to all consumers, not just professional repairers.

Ultimately, if we do not adopt European standards as a minimum, what mechanisms are in place to ensure we do not become a dumping ground of sub-standard products?

Great Right to Repair news from Brussels - we must benefit in the UK - The Re…

We have some new doubts about the UK’s sincerity about “doing better” than Europe, as this week after failing to meet electronic waste collection targets, Defra announced it would simply lower them. According to trusted industry insiders, this “appears to signal a decision not to be bound by EU targets as we go through the Brexit transition phase”.

If we cannot be serious about the collection of electronic waste, what hope is there to prevent waste upstream?

Great Right to Repair news from Brussels - we must benefit in the UK - The Re…

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