1. spacemacs php layer

The spacemacs php layer bundles together lots of nice little features. I'm not sure which bits comes from where, but currently just the basic usage of SPC m g g to jump to definition is super handy already for spelunking around in vendor libraries.

2. PHPUnit command/package is not installed

Was getting this error in Emacs when trying to run PHPUnit tests via phpunit.el. It's possible to change the location of the phpunit executable via phpunit-set-dir-local-variable, but I wondered why it wasn't working out of the box (when it was on another project). Turns out that a long time ago this particular project had the bin-dir setting in composer.json set to something else, rather than the standard vendor/bin (see https://getcomposer.org/doc/articles/vendor-binaries.md).

I just changed it back to the standard location, and phpunit worked fine again.

3. Speeding up org-publish

4. 5tracks - week 44

5. Elsewhere

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