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1. Just reinstalled koreader on my kobo

I just reinstalled koreader on my kobo ereader. It's come on so much since last time I used it (a year or two ago?) The fact that it's a built-in menu in Nickel (Kobo's default system) makes it so much easier to launch.

Dark mode is so nice. And now it has its own Wallabag plugin, for reading articles you've saved online, which is awesome. (I was using Wallabako, which was cool but no longer needed).

My notes here: Installing koreader on my Kobo.

2. Listening: An ethics of agency

Listening to the FOSS and Crafts episode on an ethics of agency, Chris Webber's ethical framework. Liking it so far, and the links to the recent Declaration of Digital Autonomy.


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