1. Rebooting IndyMedia

"The news part of the Fediverse"

Just watched Hamish Campbell's video on Open Media Network and rebooting Indymedia. Really interesting.

Also @bob@epicyon.freedombone.net is adding Indymedia-like features to Epicyon.

This is exciting


2. ActivityPub but for economic activities

Watched @mayel@pub.mayel.space 's video on CommonsPub. Great project in general, particularly looking forward to Bread.Pub and Bonfire.

Along with the decentralised news, I think 'ActivityPub but for economic activities' is the other exciting Fediverse direction for me right now. Like ValueFlows, and again @bob@epicyon.freedombone.net building sharing economy things into Epicyon.


3. Convert a folder of org files to markdown

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