1 Web Renewal

Phil Jones has a page on his wiki about a web renewal: http://thoughtstorms.info/view/WebRenewal

The rediscovery of the same types of community and values that excited us at TheDawnOfWiki.

Hopefully a rediscovery that is long-lived?

That word 'rediscovery' chimes with the article that was in the MIT Technology Review recently: Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet. It's a nice article, but is pretty much describing home pages from way back when, like they're a new thing.

It's not the hyped-up search for WebThreePointZero or TheNextBigThing. Instead it's a return to seeking something of the openness and freedom that has been lost with the rise of giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google.


I hope the openness and freedom comes back and remains. I have a bit of a worry that for example Roam Research is going to become something like the Facebook of the personal wiki.

2 Elsewhere in the garden

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