1. Watched: {Building My Website - Part 2} 🌱 Digital Gardens

Salman Ansari has a nice video here discussing a couple of things he's been pondering about his digital garden.

I like his use case of pulling his newsletter back in to his garden. I do the same with my microblog stream. I think it makes perfect sense to do this - gardens are where we cultivate our thoughts over time, but streams are a great (the best?) source for the seeds for the garden.

He also talks about pulling his notes back in to his main homepage. I've been thinking about this too. I have two separate sites at the moment, https://doubleloop.net and https://commonplace.doubleloop.net, that look kind of different and feel a bit disparate. It's not that big of a deal. They are different rooms in my home on the web, so they don't need to look identical - but it might make sense for people to find them both via the same front door and hallway…

2. Sounds like The Social Dilemma is weak

Haven't watched it yet, but have seen a couple of postings about The Social Dilemma suggesting that what I wondered might be the case - that it would be interesting but completely weak in implicating capitalism as a cause of any problems - is how it has turned out.

3. Buying from coops

All the caveats about ethical consumerism aside, it feels good if you can buy from a coop - because you can pretty much guarantee that the money they make will go towards something else 'good', in a ripple effect.

4. Moving to GreenHost

Happy to be in the process of moving my personal sites to a server at GreenHost. I used to be on cloudvault.me which was excellent but disappeared about 3 months ago… I chucked everything over to Digital Ocean to get it back up again. But keen to get off.

GreenHost has stellar environmental and ethical creds, and really not that far off the cost of a basic DO droplet.


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