1. Pushing back against an Apple store

I really enjoyed the latest episode of Tech Won't Save Us, on a successful community action in Melbourne to stop Apple plonking an Apple store in their public square. It's less about digital transgressions, more about the use of public space in the physical world, an interesting change and a reminder that the big tech firms have global physical presence too.


2. A tapestry of humanity and what we know

The World Wide Web was all about you create knowledge and how you create hyperlinks to different pieces of knowledge. So over time we kind of create this tapestry of humanity and what we know, which at another level of abstraction is kind of creating this meta-map of humanity. This meta-map of humanity is now controlled by these companies that are the ones who have access to the backend.

The Global South Holds a Better Future of Tech w/ Juan Ortiz Freuler

I love the phrase tapestry of humanity here. I like the IndieWeb and personal wikis as a way of being part of the warp and weft of that tapestry.

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