1. Distance is a function of the intensity of the relation

Re: assemblage thinking and actor-network theory:

Both have a topological view of space, in which distance is a function of the intensity of a relation.

^ this makes me think of Ton's idea of social distance.

2. Some constellations

I've been doing quite a lot of reading and not much writing the past week or so. I think that's OK. It's things I know I'm interested in, just don't know that much about yet. I think the notes will coalesce into something eventually, with a bit of tending. The note-taking I've been doing is a bit too much copy-paste, not enough writing in my own words, so I could probably do with revisiting them a bit.

I've noticed some constellations of interest forming around agency, self-determination, networked agency, assemblage thinking, actor-network theory, the actor model. Which tie into my past interests in agent-based systems, and technological and political distributed systems.

Also a strand on meditation, appropriate technology, Buddhist economics, and Schumacher, triggered by the Rev Left Radio episode on Meditation, Materialism, and Marxism. Panda previously recommended Buddhist economics to me.

3. Elsewhere

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