1 Liked Facebook Announces Plan To Break Up U.S. Government Before It Becomes Too Powerful

MENLO PARK, CA—In an effort to curtail the organization’s outsized influence, Facebook announced Monday that it would be implementing new steps to ensure the breakup of the U.S. government before it becomes too powerful.

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2 CommunityRule

I like Nathan Schneider's CommunityRule site - giving a few different models of governance that might be followed in a free software project.

Like choosing a Creative Commons license, CommunityRule offers a palette of templates, from dictatorship to various flavors of democracy.

How’s That Open Source Governance Working for You?

being explicit matters. It helps avoid that tyranny of structurelessness, ensuring that the lines of responsibility are clear. A Rule also serves as a mirror, encouraging community members to ask whether the current structure really fits the nature of the community. Any Rule should include provisions for how the community can evolve its governance as it matures, as any community must.

How’s That Open Source Governance Working for You?

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