1. Simulacra and Simulation

Listened to Episode 124 ā€“ Simulacra and Simulation ā€“ Philosophize This!.

Getting a bit of an initial handle on Simulacra and Simulation.

So… postmodernism says everything is contextual. There is no absolute truth, or grand narratives for people to follow ideologically.

If we have no grand narratives for people to follow in a postmodern society, what might happen?

One thing Baudrillard says is that rampant consumerism becomes a way of creating identity in the absence of it being provided from elsewhere.

And that as everything is so mediated, the way most people experience the world becomes a simulation of the actual reality of things. See The Gulf War Did Not Take Place. I hope Iā€™m not adding to this state of affairs by listening to a podcast about the book rather than reading the book.

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