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1. Putting the space in cyberspace

2. Wandering the web

3. Duxtapes

I've been having fun making a couple of playlists on Kicks' Duxtape.


I've always seen mixtapes a way for discovering artists, not piracy. As it's on hyper/Beaker, the mixtapes are in theory decentralised and less likely to get taken offline.

For some artificial constraints, I’m making them all 6 tracks, under 30 minutes, and picking out tunes based on the alphabetical order of the artists. (And naming them after peaks in Wainwright’s guides to the Lake District…)

4. Sunderland Point

I cycled to a tiny place called Sunderland Point today.

To get there you have to go via a small road through a salt marsh that may or may not be passable, depending on the tide. I like salt marshes.


According to Wikipedia, "Sunderland is unique in the United Kingdom as being the only community to be on the mainland and yet dependent upon tidal access."

It's got a shitty history as being a port that was part of the slave trade. Sadly there's quite a bit of that history around Lancaster.

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