1 Beaker

I got myself a little hyper:// profile via Beaker Browser, after seeing Kicks post his hyper link. (I tried it a little before when it was dat but Beaker had a bug that made it unusable for me on Linux…)

I am: hyper://9f711600ba98dd6013aed1689dff47655ddedd360aee74fd151ee91fa7f70206/

Dunno how far I'll go with that (I mainly just want to mess around with Duxtape when it is up again!), but I do like the notion of sites and apps hosted straight from the browser, removing the server from the equation. It feels like it could be democratising (in some future world where it's not pitched at 'web hackers').

A fully forkable read/write web is a solid aim too.

Though I don't think this is really a goal of Beaker, I am also totally a fan of the idea of sites sometimes just not being online. Like low-tech magazine's solar-powered website.

2 The social industry is a simulacrum

3 Elsewhere in the garden

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