1 Read: Spatial Software | Dark Blue Heaven

Spatial software is the idea of bringing spatial interfaces into software. So far it's most commonly been in games, but you can see it spilling out into more things lately, particular social stuff.

Like a remake of AIM, where each user gets a house that friends can stop by to visit.

This is kind of what I was thinking with wikis and collaborative memory palaces.

In fact, you can put a world inside of almost any interface. Even a blog post.

Or a wiki perhaps. What would that look like? Antistatic gardens are maybe a hint at that. A throwback to HyperCard perhaps.

2 Enjoying 84K

Still reading through and very much enjoying 84K. One of best books I've read for a while, so far. It's a really unconventional writing style, and it's great. Very poetic. A refreshing change to that kind of generic stilted cyberpunk patter you get in a lot of near-future fiction.

It's a pretty sad book though. It's somewhere between Kafka, Brazil and 1984. The way it captures some of the potential awfulness of a fully corporatised society, I find it much more depressing than a lot of the cyberpunk dystopias. Cultural hegemony is much more terrifying than a cabal of bad guys.

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