1 Article: Less insidious, more Invidious: Improving my video embeds

Prompted by a chat with Panda, I’ve revisited how I’m embedding videos on my site. This tends to be mostly for my occasional jam posts. In a nutshell: back to Invidious but with a couple of tweaks.

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2 Reading "84K" by Claire North

I've started reading 84K by Claire North. I saw it on Ton's book list - https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2019/08/84k-by-claire-north/

From a review on Kobo:

Gripping dystopia view into the near future. Bound by love for friends and family amongst the ruins of corporate takeover of the social system.

Sounds right up my street.

I started reading it last night and am liking it already. The writing style has grabbed me.

So far, there is an ambulance service that requires a subscription, and 'voluntary' team building that you have to pay for, and docked pay if you don't go.

Although I read it a long long time ago, for some reason 84K put me in mind of Catch-22… I guess the sense of odd characters trying to get by in a world of generally accepted absurdity.

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