1 Finished: Ctrl+S

Finished Ctrl+S. It was a page turner, no doubt. Very visual, almost more a script for a film than a novel. It's a fast-paced adventure story with a bit of a detective/whodunnit edge.

Not particularly nuanced or thought-provoking. Cliched, but good fun. The written equivalent of watching a blockbuster, I guess.

Set in a near future, where people 'ascend' to a virtual reality world built on quantum computers called SPACE. For many it's a way of escaping from a dreary actual reality.

There's a race of artificial life creatures called Slif who have evolved within SPACE.

It's a bit gruesome in places, with this idea of harvesting and then recreating emotions from others.

2 Books and hyperlinks

I like books because they don’t have hyperlinks, I like the web because it does.


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