1 org-protocol

Adding in org-protocol to my set up looks like a good step. Along with org-protocol-capture-html, it allows me quickly capture snippets from the web. At the moment, it's going into a clippings file in my wiki. It might be better to have things go straight in to a clippings section in my daily file - we'll see.

If I link a particular concept in a page in my wiki, with org-roam's backlinks, I see a list of all the things linking to that page. This should be quite useful if I'm doing some wiki gardening or writing.

2 Hamsterkauf   read

Phase 1 of food buying in the UK is passing. In this article it's referred to as the hamsterkauf phase, the German word for a hamster stuffing its cheeks. Physical superstores have coped better with this than online stores. We might soon be entering Phase 2, where supermarket staff absence levels might increase.

:: Coronavirus

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