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1 Hello

Welcome! This is my hyper commonplace garden wiki AKA digital garden. It is a companion to my stream. (See: the Garden and the Stream).

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Some entry points to the garden:

Please feel free to click around here and explore. Don't expect too much in the way coherence or permanence… it is a lot of half-baked ideas, badly organised. The very purpose is for snippets to percolate and morph and evolve over time, and it's possible (quite likely) that pages will move around.

That said, I make it public in the interest of info-sharing, and occassionally it is quite useful to have a public place to refer someone to an idea-in-progress of mine.

Some more info on the whats and the whys.

3 Elsewhere in the garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

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